We are the best of ourselves. We do not exist but we are here. We are lazy but we always have the last word. We are not afraid of being afraid. We are unexpected. We are late. We are invisible but we make a lot of noise. We art. We are not who we say we are. We never say never. We are the ones you were looking for. We are above. We are also below. We are everybody and nobody. We are the main reason of our own existence. We are, and we aren’t.


We do everything else. We do it better. We do what no one else does. We dare. We stare. We care. We do it when we like to. We do it like rabbits do it. We do pancakes. The best ones. We do something for you. We do something for ourselves. We do it all the time. We do it mainly at night. We do a lot. We do, re, mi, fa, sol. We do because we can. We do until we won’t. At the altar we usually say : we do. But most of the time we say : we don’t.




The Anonymous Self is the un-assumed and unaware self. It is a hidden individuality that manifests itself within its own rules, one that does not communicate it’s behaviour to the outside world voluntarily. Each person owns such a hidden identity, part of the unconsciousness and part of the real world and it’s daily routines. In a permanent transgression of moral and social laws. Intimacy lurking in an un-avowed and un-shared territory.

The truth, lie by lie
Mensonge = songe. A lie is not a false truth but an idyllic one. The construction of the reality become a game of DIY for ev- eryone : personal narratives appear and mix with each other thus creating a slightly false global narrative at a social scale.

Named abstractions as conventions
In the contemporary society, the identity, as an abstract no- tion, became a convention. The individual is no longer unique but part of a statistical stereotype system, each placed in one of the prede ned and rapidly evolving social categories. The personality becomes a loop : the behaviours repeat them- selves and copy one another.

Copycat copyright killer
All forms of ownership atter one’s self esteem and fuel one’s Ego. On the other hand, the anonymous creation frees content and its potential value from material strings. But how appreciate this value if the exhibited is devoid of the exhibitor ? Is it SPAM ?

Half square half crazy half nothing
One’s personality is conditioned by society by three different general perspectives : the rigor, the madness and the noth- ing. Work is an of ce, adventure is either a dream or an obli- gation and the invisible is unrecognisable. Judgement day L’enfer c’est les Autres. The leap into the void. The user agree- ment. The moment when the anonymous self comes face to face to itself two dénouements are possible : all or nothing, the repentance or the abandonment.



We work for free or for full price. Never for cheap. We met God. She’s black. We’re actually not funny. We’re just mean and people think we’re joking. We think shit is, and is not. We do not predict the future. We create it. We don’t do BLAHBLAHBLAH. We do not exist. We turn black into white. And vice versa. We THIS PART OF THE TEXT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY.